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A Japanese teacup featuring various sushi fish illustrations and names in Kanji (Chinese Characters) and Hiragana (Japanese Characters).  Featured fish are Masu(Trout), Buri(Yellowtail), Hokke (Atka mackerel), Tara(Cod),  Sake(Salmon), Maguro(Tuna),  Bora(Bora), Haze(Goby), Mutsu(Japanese bluefish), Hirame(Flounder), Hatahata(Sandfish), Iwashi(Sardin), Baya(Baya), Karei(Flounder), Sawara(Spanish mackerel), and Nishin(Herring).  Made in Japan.




Material: Ceramics 

Size/Weight:  2 3/4" dia. x 4" height (8 oz) / 0.49 pounds

Dishwasher and microwave safe



Made in Japan


Item Code: SK114-891



*Please be advised that each individual piece has a unique design and some color variation may occur because of the partially hand-made process.  (It may look slightly different from the photo. 

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