Special refrigerated sushi neta show case for Nakaji


We have the ability to make customized refrigerated display cases for use in cafes, bakeries and restaurants.  There are close to 100 units of display refrigerators in our warehouse ready for immediate delivery to anywhere in the continental US.  If the refrigerated displays you require is not available in our inventory, we can produce displays from scratch for you.  (This takes approximately 3-4 months.)

Our display refrigerators are built mostly from glass, stainless steel, and aluminum parts (with negligible amounts of plastic) with no powder coated metals in the food zones.  (Powder coated/painted metals which may rust through time, causing food safety problems.)  Our displays use materials that are over 95% recyclable by mass and have top class energy efficiency.  



We are a full service restaurant equipment dealer with over 55 years of combined experience working with restaurants, bakeries, cafes, hotels and supermarkets.  We carry stoves, fryers, grills, convection ovens, pasta/noodle boilers, food processors, steamers, rice cookers by Rinnai, blenders by Vitamix, microwaves, etc.


Do you have a food product that can benefit from some automation?  We work with manufacturers locally and overseas to help growing food businesses with specialized food machinery.  Examples would be encrusting machines for Dumplings, Dim Sum, Empenadas, Pierogi, Gyoza, Mandu, Baklava, etc  Automation helps to improve consistency and eases labor burden.  You can inquire about these services by calling (212) 226-0782 or emailing at wecare@osarany.com.  (Ask for Felix!)



You can find a full line of kitchenware in our Manhattan showroom. 

Cookware like frying pans, woks, spatulas, ladles, etc. to name a few.

Various cutlery, Japanese sushi/cooking knives, German and USA kitchen knives, Japanese and USA cutting boards. 

Cleaning and janitorial supplies such as mop buckets, garbage cans, brooms, etc.


Refrigerated showcases, Kitchen tools and machinery/appliances are currently only available at our Manhattan store, Leader Trading at 248 Bowery New York NY 10012 for now.  Please visit us or call 212-677-1982 or e-mail us to wecare@osarany.com for inquiry. 


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