Bowery Matte Neutral Round Plates, 4 sizes (6.25", 8.25", 9.25", 10.25" dia.), 4 colors (gray, taupe, pistachio, and gradient peach)

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Size: 6.25" dia.
Color: Gray
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The Bowery Matte Neutral collection features a subtle and elegant range of matte neutral shades, including gray, light brown, beige, and pale peach pink.

Semi-matte glaze in four beautiful colors(gray, taupe, pistachio, and gradient pink) gives a chic, modern look.  4 sizes are available from 6.25" to 10.25", bread and butter plate, salad plate, lunch plate, and dinner plate.



Material: Ceramics


Colors: Four Colors

Matte Gray, Matte Taupe(light brown), Matte Pistachio (light beige), and Matte Peach Gradient(light pink with fine beige gradient edge)

4 Sizes

Size / Weight

6.25" dia. (Gray, Taupe, Pistachio, and Peach Gradient) x 5/8" tall / 0.46 pounds 

8.25" dia. (Gray, Taupe, Pistachio, and Peach Gradient) x 3/4" tall / 0.97 pounds

9.25" dia. (Gray, Taupe, Pistachio) x 7/8" tall / 1.17 pounds

10.25" dia.(Gray, Taupe, and Pistachio) x 1.25" tall / 1.81 pounds 


Durable for restaurant use, fired at over 1100 degrees Celsius (approx 2000 Fahrenheit)

Dishwasher, microwave, oven-safe to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.


Produced by a manufacturer in China that we've partnered with since 2017.  

Item Codes:

6.25"/Gray: FH2859-N103

6.25"/Taupe: FH2859-N104

6.25"/Pistachio: FH2859-N115

6.25"/Gradient Pink: FH2859-N238

8.25"/Gray: FH3009-N103

8.25"/Taupe: FH3009-N104

8.25"/Pistachio: FH3009-N115

8.25"/Gradient Peach: FH3009-N238


9.25"/Gray: FH3010-N103

9.25"/Taupe: FH3010-N104

9.25"/Pistachio: FH3010-N115


10.25"/Gray: FH3011-N103

10.25"/Taupe: FH3011-N104

10.25"/Pistachio: FH3011-N115

*Please be advised that each individual piece has a unique design and some color variation may occur because of the partially hand-made process.  (It may look slightly different from the photo.) Due to the delicate surface finish, please avoid excessive/unreasonable force when using knives over the plate to prevent scratches. 

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